Welcome to Day 5 of your 5 Day Self Care Journey

This is an opportunity to explore different practices to create your personal long term self care ritual. Today’s focus is ‘Finding Time To Play’

Join Andy for this 10 minute Playful Balance practice, encouraging you to wobble, laugh & let go.

Please start with a warm up first & as with all yoga and exercise, practice with caution ~ listen to your body, use variations that work for you & if you have any knee or hip issues this practice may not be for you.

Join Kate Gee from Beach Buddha Meditation for this 6 minute Grounding & Centering Meditation practice to bring you into mindful presence.

Your Self Care Ritual

To complete your 5 Day Self Care Journey, choose something that lights you up! Grab a piece of paper, write ‘Just For Fun’ at the top and then write yourself a list of activities that you don’t deem essential, that you would consider indulging or just for fun. Great creative, think outside the box, perhaps even tap into your inner child.

Now cross out the title and re-write ‘Essential Activities’ ~ change your language and your mindset! Choose one thing to do from your list each week, adding it to your regular self care practice.

Most importantly, find balance in your self care routine and balance in your life.