Welcome to Day 3 of your 5 Day Self Care Journey

This is an opportunity to explore different practices to create your personal long term self care ritual. Today’s focus is ‘Cultivating the Observer’

Join Andy for this 18 minute Sun Salutation flow encouraging you to observer the body & breath.

Then join Kate from High Tide Yoga & Movement in ‘Cultivating the Observer’ in under 10 minutes ~ a short meditation practice for sitting in the space of the witness. To improve our ability to better see our reactions to life’s ups and downs for what they are, and to know that we are more than the sum of our need to be right, our despair at another lockdown, or even our successes or our dreams. We are so much more than we think…

Your Self Care Ritual:

Making mindfulness a regular part of our daily practice improves our ability to become aware of our thoughts, emotions & reactions and free ourselves from our attachment to them. If you have a mindfulness practice in mind, try it today. If you need some inspiration click the link below for some wonderful suggestions.

Mindfulness practices