Workshops & Events

Monthly Meditation Immersions with Kate Gee

Sunday April 24, 3-5pm ~ Chakras

Sunday May 29, 3-5pm ~ Joy & Your Inner Child

Sunday June 26, 3-5pm ~ Sound Bath

Sunday July 31, 3-5pm ~ Meeting Your Guide & Developing Insight

Sunday August 28, 3-5pm ~ Qi Gong and Dance Meditation

Foundations of Yoga Workshop Series with Andy

Saturday April 30, 2-4pm ~ Foundations of Flow

Saturday May 21, 2-4pm ~ Foundations of Yin

Saturday June 18, 2-4pm ~ Foundations of Breath

Saturday July 23, 2-4pm ~ Foundations of Somatic Movement

Saturday August 2, 2-4pm ~ Foundations of Ayurveda

All bookings are non-refundable, however they can be transferred when more than 24 hours notice is given. If an event is cancelled due to covid related restrictions we will either reschedule the event or provide a full refund.

Meditation Immersion

With Kate Gee from Beach Buddha Meditation

Join Kate from Beach Buddha Meditation for a practice of Chakra

It’s likely you’ve heard the term chakras used by yoga teachers; you may know a lot or a little, but this is the opportunity to dive a little deeper on your own personal chakra journey.  

In this immersion, you will learn more about these chakras, what it feels like when your centres are all balanced, how to identify a blocked chakra and what you can do to allow the natural flow. There will be some workshop activities and a long divine Chakra balancing Meditation to leave you feeling refreshed and harmonised throughout your body. 

There are seven main chakras each with a specific location in the body, a chakra is not a physical, tangible thing. Rather, it’s an energy centre in the body. The word chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or disk. So, when we define what a chakra is, we often go back to this translation: a chakra is a wheel of energy in your body.

Think of it like a vortex of energy within you: While chakras are often depicted in images as bright, coloured light, we can’t actually see these energy centres in our body. Rather, we experience them through feelings and sensations. You might also call it an inner knowing or intuition.

Energy is meant to flow, and ideally, this energy (or prana) is always flowing within you. When our chakras are open, energy is flowing and we feel in alignment with our highest selves. But when a chakra is blocked, the energy stagnates, and we become misaligned. Often, this manifests in physical, emotional, mental, and/or spiritual blockages which you will learn more about to enable you to identify when you are feeling blocked and what you can do to restore your energy. 

Sunday April 24, 3-5pm

Cost: $50

Foundations of Yoga Workshop Series

With Andy Broadbear

Join Andy for this 5 Workshop Series exploring the Foundations of Yoga ~ Flow, Yin, Breath, Somatic Movement & Ayurveda.

Deepen your practice by understanding the how and why of what we do. You’ll explore anatomy, physiology and philosophy, with lots of room for discussion.

Enjoy a lil’ bit of theory and a lot of juicy practice!

April 30 – Foundations of Flow – explore sun salutations, how to move and transition effectively in your practice, how to use your core effectively and efficiently and move intelligently.

May 21 – Foundations of Yin – explore the relationship between our deep connective tissue and the nervous system, how to bring more yin into your yang practice and why understanding yin is fundamental to finding balance.

June 18 – Foundations of Breath – explore your relationship with your breath, why this determines the depth of your practice and how adapting the breath can effect you physically, mentally and emotionally.

July 23 – Foundations of Somatic Movement – explore an intelligent way to move to directly affect your nervous system, release habitual patterning and relieve chronic pain and trauma in the body.

August 20 – Foundations of Ayurveda – explore the relationship between yoga and its sister science, Ayurveda. Discover how to adapt your practice to suit you individual constitution to bring about balance in the body & mind, and move with the changing seasons.

Full Workshop Series: $250

(save $125) ~ access to all 5 workshops, plus a Workshop bag including folder for notes, journal & pen, treats & surprises)

Individual Workshop: $75 (includes take home notes)