Workshops & Events

 Sat Sept 18, 4-6pm ~ Yin & Sacred Sound with Petra & Agustina

Friday Sept 24, 6-7.30pm ~ Restorative Yoga & Reiki with Hang

Sunday Sept 26, 4-5pm ~ Kirtan Soul Session with Agustina

Sunday Oct 3, 3.30-5.30pm ~ Chakra Meditation & Healing Circle with Kate Gee

Sunday Oct 31, 8am-6pm ~ MAKAI’S 1ST BIRTHDAY

TBC ~ Partner Thai Massage Workshop with Hang

All bookings are non-refundable, however they are transferred when more than 24 hours notice is given. If an event is cancelled due to covid related restrictions we will either reschedule the event, a provide a full refund.

Makai’s 1st Birthday

Sunday, Oct 31 – details coming soon!

‘Spring Equinox’ Yin & Sacred Sound

with Petra & Agustina

Earth’s Cycle of Spring Equinox – The Pioneer

Petra and Agustina are inviting you to join them for this Spring Equinox – Time of dynamic waking in motion, activation, action and adventure – in short a wholehearted yes to life and it’s forms in movement and expression, a sense of the transformation into the next phase.

You will be guided through the element of wood and the liver as the corresponding yin organ. Tapping into the source of our unbound freedom and flexibilitythriving with motivation, purpose towards life’s treasures when we dare to reach out into the multi-diverse self.

An invitation to celebrate re-birth, abundance in colours and smells in the air and creating an orchestra of vibrations in form of energy all around us. 

After the body is rested and emptied, we will call in the sacred sound and healing vibrations through chanting, mantra and prayer.

Saturday, 18th September, 4-6pm

Cost: $40

Restorative Yoga & Reiki Masterclass

With Hang from Saigon Om

Ready to relax, rejoice and rejuvenate? Take a deep breath and read on…

In this special 90-minute masterclass, Hang will guide you through a sequence of restorative yoga poses with mindful cues to cultivate loving awareness, and release stress and tension in the body and mind. Shamballa Reiki will be provided during the class to promote further healing and balancing. Shamballa is the universal energy of unconditional love.

Last Friday of Every Month ~ Next Session – Friday Sept 24, 6-7.30pm

Cost: $35

Sunday Soul Sessions

With Agustina from Kamala Heart Yoga

A community space to dive into the depths of sacred sound.

Each month we will gather and explore different sound expressions such as nada yoga (yoga of sound), mantra practices, kirtan, chants, songs and deep listening. It’s an opportunity to meet like minded people in a nourishing, community environment. Bring an open heart, share your shining voice and experience sound vibrations bathing your entire being from inside and out.

Last Sunday of every month ~ Next Session – Sunday Sept 24, 4-5pm

Entry by donation & bookings are essential (Donation pass available via punchpass. Regular class passes also valid for use)

Chakra Meditation & Healing Circle

With Kate Gee from Beach Buddha Meditation

Join Kate from Beach Buddha Meditation for a balancing, rejuvenating Chakra Meditation. This will be followed by a Healing Circle where we come together to hold ourselves, family, friends and community in a circle of compassion, sending out vibrations of warmth, wellbeing and kindness to warp around everyone and hold all beings in love and grace.

Last Sunday every month ~ Next event – Sun Oct 3, 3.30-5.30pm

Cost: $45

Partner Thai Massage Workshop

With Hang from Saigon Om

Do you enjoy receiving and offering hands-on massage to your loved ones but aren’t sure how or where to start?

Bring along a friend or your loved one and let Hang show you a step-by-step clothes-on sequence. A handout will be given so you can continue the sequence at home. You’ll be everyone’s favourite person in the family in no time.

Date TBC

Cost: $45