Classes at Makai Yoga Collective

All classes at Makai Yoga Collective come from a place of authenticity, heart & soul ~ inviting you to move, breathe & connect. We offer a range of classes specifically designed to follow the energetic flow of your day.

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Our Classes ~ Your Journey

Each class invites you to take a journey – through Flow (asana – movement) Breath (pranayama techniques) Mobility (somatic movement) Restore (mindfulness & meditation practices) and Yin (deep fascia release) with subtle weavings of yoga philosophy. Teachers bring experience, as well as their own passion to the practice in a down-to-earth and inclusive manner.

All our classes are suitable for any level of capability or experience ~ our teachers are skilled at layering sequences to adapt the practice to each individual. Our classes sizes are small so that you receive the support you deserve.

Rise & FLOW

Our Rise & Flow classes are offered in the early hours of the morning with the rising sun, traditionally the best time to practice yoga. These classes are dynamic in nature to invigorate the body after sleep and support the nervous system for the day ahead. They include traditional sun salutations and standing sequences to build heat and mobilise the joints, before grounding into seated meditation to set an intention for the day ahead. Suitable for all levels.

Breathe & FLOW

Breathe & Flow are our foundational yoga classes, incorporating breath-centric movement, which are carefully sequenced practices that coordinate movement and breath. There is particular emphasis on pranayama (breath) techniques to support your asana practice, as well as a focus on adapting movement to support each individual. Theses classes offer challenge with a focus on strength, stability & flexibility, as well as calm and steadiness. Suitable for all levels.

FLOW & Restore

Flow & Restore is a soothing evening practice where you will flow through gentle grounding movement to balance the energy of the day, before settling into restorative postures to encourage relaxation. Designed to soothe the nervous system and invite in a sense of calm and ease to the body & mind. The practice may include somatic movement techniques, pranayama, yin & restorative poses, and yoga nidra.

MOVE & Release

Our Move & Release classes focus on mobility using a fusion of yoga, pilates and somatics, to explore functional movement. They are designed to build effective and intelligent core strength, whilst working with limitations in the body to improve mobility. This targeted practice is the perfect complement to your exercise regime, be that yoga, running, surfing, golf or anything that requires movement!

Classes are kept small so that we can cater the practice to your specific needs. May also include Myofascial Release techniques to release tightness & tension that can inhibit movement.

YIN & Restore

Our Yin & Restore classes are the perfect antidote to a yang lifestyle. Featuring slow, long-held postures that target the body’s fascia and connective tissue, this is a deeply reflective practice that takes you outside your comfort zone via an invitation to be still despite the mental distractions. The practice may include a combination of traditional Yin poses & restorative practice – a beautiful blend of deep work and blissful relaxation.

Props are used to support your practice, which may include myofascial release & meditation techniques. This class is also a wonderful introduction to meditation.

Energise QI GONG

Qi Gong is an ancient healing mindful movement practice based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The forms or sets are designed to cleanse, circulate, and regulate internal energies called “Qi” to achieve health, vitality, and spiritual awareness.

It involves using your mind, conscious breathing, and body to direct the flow of energy. Because it’s mostly done standing up, it’s accessible to all levels of practitioners.

Mums & Bubs MOVE

Our Mums & Bubs classes are the perfect way to get moving whilst bonding with baby – a combination of yoga & pilates movement. Work towards re-strengthening the body post birth with gentle, targeted movement, core awareness, meditation & breath. Release tension, soothe the nervous system and explore practices for relaxation.

Our classes are casual drop in (bookings required, but no need to lock into an entire course as we get that baby’s routine can be unpredictable) You can start any time after receiving an ok from your doctor to return to gentle exercise.

Prenatal MOVE

Our prenatal classes support mamas-to-be through the changes that occur in all stages of pregnancy, to strengthen and stabilise, as well as release tension in the body & mind.

Each class includes breathing & meditation techniques for pregnancy and labour, as well as valuable tools to support the transition into motherhood. Connect with self, bond with baby and feel empowered in your pregnancy journey.

Monthly MEDITATION Immersion

Join Kate from Beach Buddha Meditation for a series of Meditation Immersions ~ an opportunity to move inwards away from the business and complications of the physical world. An opportunity to dive inwards to peace and restore your balance. To gain a wider perspective of your own inner world, emotions, thoughts, body wisdom and find a safe harbour to rest and destress in when the outside world is challenging.

You do not have to be an experienced meditator to gain insight into your inner world. You will guided through a variety of practices including: compassion, relaxation, insight, sound meditations, moving meditations, connection to joy and inner child, forgiveness, power animals, connecting to your guides, symbols and the Chakras.

Our Meditation Immersions are offered once a month, please check Punchpass for upcoming dates.

Monthly Candlelight YIN

Join us once a month for a delicious Friday night yin practice with the soothing ambiance of candlelight to melt away stress & tension. Explore long holds for deep release and an invitation for the body to open up and let go.

Enjoy gentle somatic movement, into a deep releasing yin practice, followed by Yoga Nidra (a guided meditation, also known as Yogic sleep)

Our Candlelight Yin is offered once a month, please check Punchpass for upcoming dates.

Makai Classes From Home

If you’re practicing from home we offer regular live online classes, as well as a library of complimentary pre-recorded practices. Please follow the link for our Makai At Home library or head to bookings for our live classes.