Classes at Makai Yoga Collective

All classes at Makai Yoga Collective come from a place of authenticity, heart & soul ~ inviting you to move, breathe & connect.

We offer a range of classes to suit the energetic flow of your day. All classes are suitable for ALL levels.

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A 50 minute dynamic flow, designed to invigorate the body after sleep, shift stagnant energy and focus the mind for the day ahead. You can expect flowing Sun Salutations, mobility to target major muscles & joints, as well as gentle twists & stretches to refresh the body.


A 60 or 75 minute flow, carefully sequenced to coordinate movement & breath, offering challenge, calm & steadiness. You can expect grounding flows & somatic movement, exploring mobility, strength & flexibility.


A 60 minute grounding flow, focused on creating stability & calm through longer held postures. There is a combination of Yin & Yang elements, designed to balance out the energy of the day, the perfect antidote for modern life and busy minds.


A 60 minute slow flow, perfect for beginners or those returning to their practice. Explore mobility, building core focus, mind-body connection, with the opportunity to explore alignment & technique. Our Foundational Flow class includes a rolling 5 week course of topics to create a strong foundation for your practice.


A 60 or 75 minute releasing practice, featuring slow, long-held postures that target the body’s fascia and connective tissue. A deeply reflective practice that takes you outside your comfort zone via an invitation to be still despite the mental requests to be anything but. May include myofascial release & meditation techniques.

** Our 50 minute Yin & MFR classes on Tuesdays at 11am incorporate Myofascial Release techniques designed to target connective tissue to relieve tightness and sore muscles.


A 50 minute fusion focusing on either pilates or yoga, but influenced by both traditions, as well as functional movement designed to build effective and intelligent core strength & mobility. The perfect lunchtime workout.

RESTORATIVE YOGA & REIKI (Last Friday every month)

A 90 minute masterclass exploring restorative yoga poses to cultivate loving awareness, and release stress & tension in the body and mind, as well as Shamballa Reiki to promote further healing and balancing.

KIRTAN ~ SUNDAY SOUL SESSIONS (Last Sunday every month)

A gathering to dive into the depths of sacred sound. Offered on the last Sunday of each month, we will explore different sound expressions such as nada yoga (yoga of sound), mantra practices, kirtan, chants, songs & deep listening.  No chant/singing experience necessary – you are welcome to participate or simply enjoy the atmosphere.



This 5 Week Postnatal Course is designed to give mums the opportunity to reconnect with their body & breath, as well as interact in a nurturing way with their baby in an all inclusive and welcoming environment. For our next available series visit our events page. 

** We also offer a baby friendly Yoga Flow on Thursdays at 11am – whilst these classes are not specifically designed to incorporate baby, you are welcome to bring baby along and enjoy the class without worry. As with our Postnatal Course, you can feed, change and interact with baby as you need.


This 5 Week Beginners Course is a great introduction for those who are new to yoga or returning after a long break. You’ll explore alignment principles, asana (posture) technique, breath awareness, philosophy and meditation, all weaved into seasonal themes. This is a 5 week rolling course as part of our Foundational Flow class on Tuesdays at 6pm, so you can start at any time to cover all 5 topics by the end of your 5 sessions.  Visit our events page to book your spot.


This 6 Week Prenatal Course is designed to offer a range of yoga practices to strengthen your body and release tension. Included in each class are meditation and breathing exercises to relax and turn your awareness inward and connect with your baby, yoga poses to help baby move into a great position for birth, and yoga and breathing exercise to prepare for birth. For our next available series visit our events page.


Each class offers a comprehensive yoga practice of asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath control) and meditation, with subtle weavings of yoga philosophy & tradition. Teachers bring experience, as well as their own passion and magic to the practice in a down-to-earth and inclusive manner.

All our classes are suitable for both newer and experienced students, as our teachers layer sequences, strategically using props & variations to ensure the experience is accessible for all. We always encourage you to practice at a level to suit your own body & needs, honouring where you are at every time you step on the mat.

If you are a completely new to yoga, then our Tues 6pm Foundational Flow and 5 week rolling Beginners Course is a great place to start – visit our EVENTS page or email to enquire.


We offer regular Workshops & Events each month, which is an opportunity for our Makai team and visiting teachers to present specialised practices for you to experience. We also run regular Beginners, Prenatal and Mums & Bubs Courses each term.

To see our latest Workshops & Courses please visit out EVENTS page.

For information on private sessions & Yoga Therapy please visit our Private & Group Yoga page.

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Andy, founder of Makai Yoga Collective, offers a 350HR Women’s Yoga Teacher Training which runs over 12 months, for women wishing to dive deeper into their own practice or learn the tools of yoga to teach specifically to women. Visit out trainings page for more details.