Whole Body Mini Flow with Andy ~ 10 mins

Join Andy for a 10 minute Whole Body Mini Flow - explore some gentle repetitive movement as you flow to open up through the shoulders & hips.

Upper Body Release with Andy ~ 10 mins

Join Andy for this 10 min Slow Flow to move & release the upper body.

Twist & Heart Flow Andy ~ 60 mins

  A revitalising 60 minute practice to draw our awareness back in, so that we’re less reactive in response to external events, frustration and cabin fever.

Morning Flow with Kate ~ 40 mins

  Efficient and energising 40 minute practice to set you up for the day.

Yin Yoga with Petra ~ 55 mins

  A nourishing 55 minute yin yoga practice with Petra

Surf Mobility Flow With Kate ~ 45 mins

  35 - 40 minute fluid movement practice designed to build your flexibility and capacity to move with grace and flow. Breathwork for the first 7 minutes or so, if you want to get straight into it- start at 7:30.

Core Warm Up with Andy ~ 20 mins

  Join Andy for this short practice to awaken your core with this flow warm up sequence. Focus on moving mindfully with your breath.

Build Your Flow with Andy ~ 10 mins

  Build some internal heat with this slow & controlled flow. Use your breath to guide you and then slow it down with a beautiful release to finish.

Surf Movement  Paddling with Kate  ~ 20-30 mins

Join Kate for this 20 - 30 minute movement practice targeting upper body mobility and strength, along with some full body flow and flexibility to get you moving and surfing better.

Short Flow for Beginners with Kate ~ 20 mins

  20 minute practice with Kate designed for beginners, learning to move with the flow of the breath. Accessible postures that encourage you to connect to your inner experience.