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Yin for the Hips with Bec ~ 60 mins

A Yin Yoga practice to open the hips and release any stagnant energy and/or tension within this space. Great for those who are feeling tight and restricted through the hips or spend a lot of time sitting or driving for work, as well as those who are feeling stressed/overwhelmed. Suitable for all levels and can […]

Wall Yin with Bec ~ 45 mins

This practice with Bec utilises a plain wall space as the prop to support the body through each hold. An amazing practice for anyone who experiences tight muscles in the legs and buttocks, as well as poor posture through the upper body. Suitable for all levels and is a great practice to do in the […]

Yin for the Spine with Bec ~ 55 min

The Spine is an important part of the body both physically and energetically. This practice with Bec will help you release tension through the spine and upper body. Great for anyone who is feeling stiff, fatigued or spends a lot of time sitting at a desk. Suitable for all levels and can be practiced any […]

Balance & Flow with Andy ~ 15 mins

Join Andy for this 15 minute flow ~ a one for the movers & shakers! Explore balance & control with this short flow focusing on moving through balance. Tap into your breath & core control to find fluidity 🙂