Jo & Andy

This dynamic duo are the co-owners and general doers behind the scenes of the Makai Collective. They are the creative makers and multitaskers, and they take care of the daily grind to keep the heart of our beautiful beachside sanctuary beating.

With a combined experience of over 20 years in the yoga space, they also both have a background in the performing arts, so they bring a lot of character as well as expertise to our collective.


Co-owner & Yoga Therapist

As a high school drama teacher,  Andy relied on her yoga practice to get through many a school production! She finally took the leap and completed her first teacher training in 2009, later finding her yoga home on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Andy has trained in yin, pre/postnatal & kids yoga, as well as somatic movement, Ayurveda & Qi Gong. In 2015 she gained her qualification as a Yoga Therapist and is a senior registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia. After naturally gravitating towards a passion for women’s health, she now offers a 350HR Women’s Yoga Teacher Training at Makai.

Andy loves the meditative nature of somatic flow, which feels like a soothing whisper to the nervous system. When she’s not on the mat or with camera in hand, Andy is shaping young lives in the classroom and enjoying the coastal life with her children!

“Life is about balance ~ so walk barefoot along the beach, each chocolate & drink read wine, and know what it means to feel good in your body.”


Co-owner & Teacher

After dropping in and out of Yoga for many years, Jo finally began to fully appreciate its benefits at the end of 2016. The penny had finally dropped, she was addicted! As her youngest child grew, Jo wondered if she could take Yoga from being my passion to being my job.

In 2018 she decided to start my TT in Pranaa Yoga at Prana House in Melbourne. Pranaa Yoga is a mixture of dance inspired flow and long held postures with a huge focus on the idea of Meditation in motion and connection to the Third Eye.

Jo’s practice and teaching embrace the breath/movement connection and cultivation of Prana in the body. Trying to evolve her teaching through reading and study is a constant, there is always something new to learn.

“When not practising Yoga, I am raising two young girls along with my partner by the beach. I’m learning to love cold water swimming and enjoy a delicious Australian sunset!!”

Makai Yoga Collective draws local teachers & community from the Bellarine Peninsula who have a shared passion & love of yoga. What we bring to the mat is inspired by tradition, experience & soul.


Yoga Teacher  & Founder of Quantum Yoga

After more than 15 years exploring the world of Yoga, Clare completed her 250hr formal Yoga Teacher Training in Tantra & Anusara in 2021.

Clare teaches Yoga with a steadiness and calm that allows students to drop into their own bodies. Holding space for you to explore your own yoga practice. Clare lives and breathes Yoga Philosophy in every day. Weaving philosophy through flow is part of her magic. Feeling she’s only just touched the surface of this incredible life science, Clare completed her 350hr Women’s Yoga Teacher Training with Makai Yoga Collective in 2022.

“Our truth is held in the body, and Yoga can take us there.”


Yoga Teacher, Birth Doula & Founder of Autumn Retreat

Autumn trained as a Remedial Therapist over 20 years ago, after many years of massaging, Autumn has a special interest in Pregnancy & Post-natal care & also End of life care. Autumn is a Birth & Postnatal Doula, Infant massage instructor & Reiki practitioner, an End of Life Doula, and a Birth Doula trainer. Autumn recently added Yoga Teacher to her qualifications, with special interest in pre/postnatal and women’s health.

Autumn allows you to feel empowered and heard, supported and comforted however that may be for you, in any given moment. She helps you feel safe and able to follow your own journey. Working intuitively, Autumn trusts that she will know what you need when you need it and support you on all levels, physically and emotionally.


Yoga Teacher/Energy Healer ~ Founder of Heart Space Connection

As a busy wife, mamma and business owner, Yoga quickly became an essential part of my everyday lifestyle to help alleviate stress, keep me grounded, connected and, hopefully, a little more graceful.

I hadn’t always been on my path of self-discovery and started with 20 years’ experience in the Beauty & Wellness Industry, from working as a Beauty Therapist to running my own freelance Hair & Makeup business.  Although I have loved helping thousands of women feel beautiful and empowered, I have always had a keen interest in alternative therapies and a burning desire to support people in a more holistic way.

It was after the birth of my third child that my quest for a more fulfilling, spiritual lifestyle propelled my career onto the path of yoga and mindfulness.  Yoga has enriched my life immensely and I am fascinated by the transformation yoga and holistic healing therapies can facilitate.  I wish to share these incredible healing benefits the practice offers both on and off the mat.

To me, Yoga isn’t about bending your body into a pretzel but more about cultivating a deeper relationship between your mind, body & spirit and connecting with your true self.

I practice from the heart and my classes offer a nurturing space where students can immerse themselves into their practice.
I am passionate about holding space for people to explore, release, restore and heal.


Yoga Teacher

Until recently, competitive sport had always played a big part in my life.  So no surprises, when introduced to yoga just over 20 years ago, I struggled to calm my mind long enough to enjoy its many benefits.  Back then I saw it just as an activity to practice balance and flexibility in order to get into all sorts of contorted positions.  

Through life experiences over the last 10 years, I have been guided to explore a different path.  Leading me to study Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Level I & II, Feng Shui and return to yoga.  This time around appreciating the many layers of yoga, experiencing first-hand how beneficial it is to my overall wellbeing.

After winding down my Building Design business a few years ago, I was Inspired to take my yoga practice further, and so enrolled in the 350HR Women’s Yoga Teacher Training, at Makai Yoga Collective. After completing the course in 2023 I can honestly say it was a life changing experience for me, many thanks to Andrea Broadbear.  It was the most amazing year of learning, trusting, believing and growth.  

One of my biggest takeaways was learning about the ancient health system of Ayurveda, which I am now excited to explore further and in time incorporate these ancient principles into my classes.  The overall experience exceeded my expectations, providing me with the confidence and desire to share all I have learnt with others, so they too may benefit.

My favourite yoga poses are variations of Plow pose & legs up wall pose as they are playful and remind me of when I was young, and of course, I can now appreciate there is nothing better than finishing off with Savasana. Yoga is a space which allows me to connect, ground & restore, so I can be everything I want to be, for myself and my family.  

When I’m not in a yoga class, I love spending time with my awesome hubby (he told me I had to say that) our 3 gorgeous daughters & Co., who continuously teach and inspire me and our growing collection of gorgeous grandchildren.  Beyond that there is always swimming, riding, walking and just enjoying life in this beautiful place I feel very blessed to call home. 


Qi Gong Teacher, founder of Wellspring BodyMind Wellbeing

As a long-term student of mindfulness practices, Kirsty fell in love with QiGong’s capacity to offer so much in one simple, pleasurable, powerful practice. As a gardener and nature lover, she treasures the way QiGong turns to the seasons and the natural world for inspiration. 

Outside class, Kirsty is a counsellor and body psychotherapist, providing holistic care that supports the body’s own innate intelligence. Having been a working mum, she knows the challenge in finding time to practice, which is why she’s dedicated to enabling each one of us to reconnect with the deeper rhythms of self and the natural world around us. She creates a space of inclusion, creativity and joy in class, ensuring that all who attend feel welcome and supported.

I believe that the body, mind and soul are one dynamic system. By cultivating awareness and life in the body, we enliven and illuminate the whole.