Classes at Makai Yoga Collective

Our classes are 75 minutes and offer a comprehensive yoga practice of asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath control) and meditation, with subtle weavings of yoga philosophy & tradition.

The style of practice is a carefully sequenced slow flow, coordinating movement & breath, offering challenge, calm & steadiness. Teachers bring experience, as well as their own passion and magic to the practice in a down-to-earth and inclusive manner.

All our classes are suitable for both newer and experienced students, as our teachers layer sequences, strategically using props & variations to ensure the experience is accessible for all. We always encourage you to practice at a level to suit your own body & needs, honouring where you are at every time you step on the mat.

Our SUN or morning classes are dynamic, focused on providing an energising, uplifting and positive practice. They typically explore mobility, strength & flexibility through connected movement and breath.

Our MOON or evening classes are grounding, focused on creating stability & calm thorough longer held postures. They are a combination of Yin & Yang elements ~ the perfect antidote for modern life and busy minds.

If you are a completely new to yoga or are pregnant, then our Wed 6.30pm Foundational Flow is a great place to start. All levels welcome and encouraged.

All classes at Makai Yoga Collective come from a place of authenticity, heart & soul ~ inviting you to move, breathe & connect.

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