Meet the collective

Makai Yoga Collective draws local teachers & community from the Bellarine Peninsula who have a shared passion & love of yoga.

What we bring to the mat is inspired by tradition, experience & soul.

We honour not only the original owners of the land but the journey of this beautiful sanctuary, now Makai Yoga Collective.

We invite you to journey towards the ocean, to walk the path and meet us on the mat wherever you are.

Andy Broadbear

Yoga Teacher & Therapist

As a secondary school drama teacher it was yoga that got me through many a school production! I embarked on my teacher training in 2009 to dive deeper into my practice and fell in love with the study of yoga.

I’ve since trained in pre/postnatal, yin & kids yoga, as well as exploring TCM, Ayurveda and Somatic Movement Therapy, and naturally gravitated towards a passion for women’s health. I gained my qualification as a Yoga Therapist and am now a senior registered teacher with Yoga Australia. My classes are a mix of playful, flowing sequences, influenced by somatic movement to explore the inner experience. My focus is on the individual, using the body & breath to create a moving meditation, a healing balance between Yin & Yang, and a true mind-body connection.

When I’m not on the mat, I’m enjoying life by the sea with my beautiful family and exploring my other passion behind the lens. I believe life is about balance and being in the moment – so walk barefoot on the beach, eat chocolate & drink red wine, but know what it means to feel good in your body and dedicate time to connecting with your soul.

Petra Read

Yoga Teacher

Growing up in Switzerland with Eastern European family roots I had a huge yearning and curiosity in traveling the world and meeting cultures and people from different backgrounds. When I met Yoga it was love at first sight, which led to thousands of hours of trainings and over 8 years of facilitating and sharing this ancient practice in a modern, accessible and creative way.

My approach and offering is informed by Embodied Flow Yoga – A system of transformational Yoga inviting students into living from a place of truth and authenticity. Expressed through freedom in movement and stillness, meditation and a keen attention on breath and meditation.

I teach Hatha Yoga, Embodied Flow inspired Yoga and Embodied Yin inspired yoga sprinkled with Tantric Philosophy, BodyMindCentering, Somatic Practices. Gratitude to some of my most influential teachers and friends such as Elena Brower, Stephen Thomas, Rod Stryker, Tara Judelle, Dr. Scott Lyons, Christopher Wallis, my students and Nature itself, upon her I draw boundless inspiration.

I love to cook wholesome and nourishing meals, play with my camera, paint, spend time in the water, and walk bare feet as much as possible. I also listen to plants and trees and love listening when they talk back to me.

Blair Phillips

Yoga Teacher

After falling in love with yoga in my early twenties, I’ve now been teaching for over five years and have a passion for sharing the gifts of yoga with others to help them live healthier, happier and more heart-centered lives.

Also a school teacher, I have trained in various areas of yoga (hatha, vinyasa, yin, kids and teens) and believe that yoga is for absolutely everyone. I aim to provide nurturing, joyful and considered classes to inspire people to enjoy the gifts of the practice both on and off the mat.

I love life by the ocean and live in beautiful Ocean Grove with my husband, daughters and ever hungry Labrador Rumble.

Clare Reilly

Yoga Teacher

I was first drawn to yoga for the physical benefits but soon noticed other subtle changes, both mentally and spiritually. I became inspired by the healing benefits of yoga and was keen to share this experience with others.  After completing training in Hatha Vinyasa in 2013, I began teaching and I continue to further my knowledge of the therapeutic power of yoga with ongoing study, currently undertaking advanced teacher training. 

I am passionate about creating playful, energising classes that deeply nourish your soul and enrich your life, encouraging students to take the benefits off the mat and into everyday life.  Each class provides a journey through pranayama, asana, meditation and philosophy.

The practice of yoga has encouraged me to bring kindness and compassion to myself, using the discipline of a regular practice as an opportunity to slow down and reconnect with the present moment.

Kate Miller

Yoga Teacher

I have been sharing the magic of yoga for almost 10 years, guided by the wisdom of my primary teachers Rod Stryker and Peter Clifford. I have also been lucky enough to learn from some of the world’s leading teachers including Janet Stone, Renee Quenell, Sunny Richards and Gwyn Williams.

My approach to teaching is heavily influenced by the wisdom of the seasons, Ayurveda and our intricate relationship with our natural environment. Each of my classes has a clear focus, and aims to develop the tools and capacity to allow you to better relate, contribute, parent, empathise and experience life as a gift. Expect challenging classes that balance strength and stillness- and ask you to take your practice seriously, but not yourself.

My personal practice is infused by my love of the ocean, the healing qualities of the water and the joy of surfing. Outside of the studio, I have two beautiful sons and run an enterprise that takes groups off-the-grid in remote regions of Asia Pacific to learn about diverse cultures, community and social justice.